OLD LOWEs starting in 1743
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These are photos of Lowe relatives and lineage of others including, Claybal, Schockey, Dearth, Rockhold, Ownes, Barber, Booten, Adams, and McKenny

Obadiah Lowe & Catherine Ownes 1810-1895

7) Paul E Lowe 1945-2044

6) Chester E Lowe 1914-

5) Cleveland W. Lowe

4)  Obadiah Lowe (1810-1895) lived in Kirksville, MO and had 14 children, their graves are mostly in Kirksville, MO. Catherine Ownes Lowe (1813-1893) wife of Obadiah.

Obadiah's Children; Rhoades Lowe (1835-1910), Mary Caroline Lowe Tate (1837-1883), Danial Lowe (1838-1901), John Lowe (1840-1904), Andrew Jackson Lowe, 1841-1914), Elizabeth Lowe Conley (1846-1926), Thomas Lowe (1848-1880), James Lojan Lowe (1850-1935), Obediah Lowe Jr. (1853-1869), Presley Lowe (1832),Franklin lowe (1857-1878),  Milissa Lowe (1834-1897), William Lowe (1844-1911), Henry Tremble Lowe (1855-1935) 

Elizabeth Martha Lowe (1823-1885) is a sister to Obadiah Lowe (1810-1895). Obadiah and Elizabeth were the children (2 of 12) of Daniel Lowe and HannahBooten Delilah (Baber).

(3)  Daniel Lowe (1789-1859 Iowa place of death) (son of John W. Lowe) and Hannah Baber lowe(1794-1852 in Davis, Iowa). Hanna is 18 degrees from Queen Elizabeth 2nd Winsor. She was the daughter of Obadiah Baber and Hanna Martin

Daniel  was a Veteran of the war of 1812 and was born in Clark County, Kentucky.

Daniel Lowe  known children include: Obadiah D. Lowe, Elizabeth Martha Lowe, Frances M. Lowe Noland (1814 - 1884)Isom Lowe (1818 - 1885)Rachael Lowe King (1821 - 1903)Isaac Andrew Jackson Lowe (1827 - 1914)Drusilla Lowe Robb (1832 - 1909)Hannah Josephine Lowe Robb (1834 - 1907), ; Nancy Lowe Matherly, Danial Lowe, Sarah Polly Lowe,Lucy Lowe

(2)  John W. Lowe (1762 - 1826) born in Lowesville, Shenandoah, VA and Frankey Adams 1775 born in NC , where parents of Daniel Lowe. John was married March 2, 1789 to Frankey Adams, in Fauquier County, Virginia, (from VA marrage records) which was divided from Prince Williams County in 1759: prior to the United States independence from England. 

John Lowe died 1826 in Winchester, Clark County, Kentucky

John W. Lowe children: Stephen Lowe, born 1789 in Lowesville, VA;  William Lowe  1792, Lowesville, VA; Daniel Lowe 1788, Lowesville, VA; John Luther Lowe 1793, Lowesville, VA; Jesse James Lowe, Nov 29, 1776 and Richard Low (not Lowe).

(1)  Melzar Lowe, (1734), born in England was John W. Lowe's father. Melzar Lowe was married to Catherine McKenny and Susanna (Unknown last Name)

Melzar Lowe children; John W. Lowe (1762-1826); Jacob Lowe, 1769; Abraham Lowe (1764-1830)


John & Amedda Lowe 1840-1904 --->

John Lowe (Jan 2,1840 July 12,1904), John Lowe was a farmer-stockman who came to Adair County in 1866.

Armilda Lowe (Jan 26,1841-Jan 25,1907), inturned at Oak Grave Cemetary east of Kirksville, MO

Children: Sarah Elizabeth Lowe Dryer (1863-1937), Josephine Lowe Shockey (1870-1936), Robert Cleveland Lowe (1882-1942)

<---Cleveland Lowe & Myrtle Shockey

Cleveland G. Lowe (John Lowe And Armilda Lowe's son) is the grandfather of Paul Lowe, Judy Lowe Kelley and David Lowe.

Myrtle Shockey Lowe was born 1888. Maried Cleveland Lowe 1908 when 20 yrs old

Mrytle Shockey's mother was Josephine Lowe Shockey and father was Isaac Newton Shockey (1864- death 1938 in Adair Co, MO)

Isaac Newton Shockey's biolgical mother was Lucile Claybal and father Issac Shockey 1831 (from Scotland?). Josephine Lowe was also a wife in Dec 2, 1888 as was Celia(Selia) Shockey in 1880 cenus

Issac Shockey siblings: Joseph Shockey 1856, Jhon Shockey 1857, Benjamin Shockey 1861, Samuel Shockey 1863, Henry Shockey 1867, Sarah Shockey 1870, Edward Schockey 1876

John Lowe (Jan 2, 1840-July 12, 1904) was Josephine Lowe Shockey father (maybe?)


Chester & Charles Lowe with Myrtle Shockey Lowe (their mother) -->
<---Chester Lowe & Delores Dearth Lowe

Chester Lowe is the Father and Deloris Dearth Lowe (2/24/1913- 4/1981) is the mother of Paul Lowe, Judy Lowe Kelley and David Lowe, all born in Akron, Ohio.

Chester Lowe's father was Cleveland Lowe, and his mother was Mrytle Shockey (1870-1936)

Deloris Dearth father was Franklin Cliford Dearth (1878). Franklin had sisters: Lucy Dearth, Pearl Dearth (1883), Mary S Dearth (1879) which were born in Mineral Wells, West Virgenia. (1900 census)

Franklin's Cliford Dearth's mother was Amanda Dearth (1852) from Wood, WV.

Frankline Cliford Dearth children: Deloris Dearth Lowe, Betty Dearth, Leslie Dearth. Leslie Dearth clildren include: Bill Dearth, & John Dearth

Deloris mother was Martha Rockhold Dearth. Married to Franklin Cliford Dearth, in Wood, WV (from WV marriage records)

Betty Dearth was Delores sister and she also lived on 1136 Bittaker Street, Akron, Ohio (from draft registration of Franklin Dearth)

Sally Dearth Brown of Warsaw, MO 65355-3900, is the daughter of Lucy Dearth.

Paul E Lowe, Judy Kelley, Director, Chris Kelley, Dave C Lowe--->

Taken in April 1981

Paul E Lowe (1945), Judy Lowe Kelley (1939), and Dave C Lowe (1937-1998) are brothers and sister. Christopher Kelley is one of Judy's sons.

This photo was taken at the funeral of Delores Lowe in Akron, Ohio. The funeral director (the old guy) also delivered Paul as a baby.

<---Cleveland Lowe, Myrtle Schockey, Annie Shockey, Newton Shockey, Joseph Lowe Shockey, Luther Shockey
David Lowe, Judy Lowe Kelley, Chester Lowe, Deloris Lowe --->

Taken in 1961

<--- Rosco Lowe, Myrtle Shockey Lowe, Cleveland Lowe

Rosco Lowe died in infancy, grave at Obadia Homestead in MO

Obadiah Lowe Homestead farm in MO--->
<---Judy Lowe Kelley

Judy Lowe Kelley family; First row, Frank Kelley, Katie Kelley Bruno, Chistopher Kelley, 2nd row: Dr Frank Kelley, Judy Lowe Kelley (daughter of Chester & Deloris Lowe) taken at their house in Hudson, Ohio (taken Easter 1979).

David Mark Lowe--->

Zenta Lowe, Santa, Conner Luke Lowe, Cadience Lowe, Mark Lowe (son of David Lowe & Maxine Gang Lowe), (taken December 2015)

<---Paul Edward Lowe

Mary Lowe & Paul Lowe taken at Mary's birthday party 2017

Paul Lowe is the son of Chester Lowe & Deloris Dearth, brother to David C Lowe and Judy Lowe Kelley.

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